Recommendations for a software music player with equaliser

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    • Recommendations for a software music player with equaliser

      I want to have a try at equalising music playback on my system, to see if I can get rid of some harshness with certain tracks (mainly the fast guitar bits in 90's indie rock, eg Red Hot Chilli Peppers).

      So, as I have a HTPC in the system, I thought I would try that first.

      There are many software music players to choose from, so to save me a bit of faff and time in trying them all, is there one or two that are really good?I checked out many videos that would help me better but wasn't satisfied. I am looking for support for FLAC files, as well as playing back CD's direct from the CD drive, and crucially with a graphic equaliser that I can have a play with. I am not bothered about building a music database within the software.

      Any help will be appreciated?

      Please help.
      I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.…ic-player-with-equaliser/

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